Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No Joking Matter.....Retailers Caught Selling Used Underwear! (The Undercover Video)

This is why you definately have to wash anything you purchase from a store! How gross! I'm sending this out to all the women I know so that you are aware. It is something that was always suspected but now here is the proof! Click on the link below to see the undercover investigation.

Victoria Secrets, Macys, Gap, Blooming Dale, and Nordstrom's

All of these stores sell used Panties
They take back undies that their customers return and put them back on the rack to sell as newhttp://iprissy.com/music-video/retailers-caught-selling-used-underwear-the-undercover-video/

If Victoria Secrets gets undies back that are wet or that have an odor they hang them in the back until they dry and them put them back on the rack.

Panty Alert

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