Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Design Time......Ladies ....Make A Neutral Room Bolder ! / Choose A Statement Piece!

Make A Neutral Room Bolder
You can turn a plain room into this bright space in just a couple of hours by painting blocks of colour on to sections of your walls, and by adding co-ordinating accessories. The cost? You could do it for well under £50. English Fire matt emulsion; Shocking Pink matt emulsion and Pure Brilliant White matt emulsion, all £14.99 for 2.5 litres; skirting painted in Pure Brilliant White non drip gloss, £8.99 for 750 ml

Choose A Statement Piece
One boldly coloured piece of furniture - particularly a large one - used in contrast to the main shade of your scheme will create an eye-catching focal point. Add to the effect by choosing another piece of smaller furniture in another contrasting shade. Swing chaise sofabed, from £1,195; Daphne teal blue flocked coffee table, £595; Daphne teal blue flocked lamp table, £350

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